about the team

The Nemesis began as a dream in a garage. It came to life as a few individuals dared to believe in that dream. It has succeeded because the team continues to believe that the quest is more important than results, that continuing to raise the bar in aviation is vital to its growth, and that racing must always demonstrate what can be done, not what has been done.

Jon Sharp is an air racing legend, pilot, and one of the foremost composite aircraft materials experts in the world. His wife Patricia is a pilot and aircraft builder herself, and manages their team, Nemesis Air Racing. Working together, they built the NXT prototype over a four-year period. As Jon designed the airplane’s parts and developed the construction process, Patricia became a highly skilled fabricator and constructed most of the plane's handmade components herself.

The team is supported by a cast of incredibly talented volunteers that include some of the top aeronautical engineers in the world and an air racing pit crew who have worked together for over a decade. For Team Nemesis, air racing truly is a way of life. They are guided by a singular motto...

"Chase the dream, not the competition."